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Yamaha Wave Runner

Our 1800cc Yamaha Wave Runner is a supercharged super high output water craft that shoot you through space and time.  You will never forget this ride for as long as you live.

Having a powerful Yamaha engine under you as you speed through the water gives you a feeling of pure excitement you just can’t deny.  It’s really just something everyone should have the opportunity to experience in their lives.

Yamaha Waverunner Yamaha Waverunner

Here at First Class Rentals, our goal is to provide the best jet ski outing ever for everyone who rents from us.  We just wouldn’t have it any other way and hope you feel the same way.

Riding Waverunners Make Your Life Worth Living So Rent Today

Life is short and you really need to go for it with all that you have on our sweet Yamaha waverunner.  You just don’t have to worry about anything but a worthwhile rental price to fulfill your goal or dream as we take care of all the rest.

You roll up to our shop and hook the jet ski or two jet skis up and off you go.  Drive to your favorite body of water and spend the day with your friends and family.

Can you imagine having family members and special friends with you to enjoy the day.  You’ll so want to get out your camera and camcorders and bring home some most excellent shots.

Jet Ski – Seadoo – Waverunners Are The Same Name For the Same Water Craft

As you think about finalizing the rental deal with us know that our wave runners are some of the most powerful in the nation.  Some people call our units a jet ski or seadoo, although we don’t really care what you call them because we have want you need or want.

The Yamaha jetski we’re talking about here has a very powerful Yamaha motor siting in and you’re right on top of all that power.  When you get it in the water and turn on the power you’ll think you’re in a jet boat blasting through space.

The Yamaha engine is built to last and give you smooth and powerful rides that you’re looking for in a sea doo or any jet ski watercraft.  It’s also neat to know that when you rent from us you don’t have to really worry about what type of engine you’re getting.

We’ll Maintain And Store Your Machine While You Have All The Fun

Leave the worry to us to get the best machines possible and maintained for you and get them into the Yamaha dealer for service and upkeep.

Our 1800cc Yamaha Wave Runner is really the way to go when you’re looking at any type of powerful jet ski rental.  And always remember that Yamaha engines rock and so will you.

Jetskis and the wave runner are waiting here for you today.  Just pick up the photo, email us or text us and you’ll be reserving your date our Yamaha wave runner today.

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