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All of our rental pickups and drop offs will be at our new offices in Draper, Utah. 

Click the link below for directions via Google Maps:

12608 South 125 West, Suite D, Draper, Utah 84020.

You Can Call First Class Rentals, L.L.C. Right Now @ 385-222-7200 To Reserve Your Rental Unit Today!

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Just ask for Jordan or Pa Auna for all your details and information about final pricing and availability of all equipment and watercraft.

Create great memories and get a thrill of a life time by renting one of “Fist Class Rentals” speedy Wave Runners today!  If you have your rental dates ready to go just call us at 801-604-8440 and you can book today.

DATELINE NEWS UPDATE:  Check out this super great Inter-mountain Regional TV show called AYL “AT YOUR LEISURE” with this episode featuring some of First Class Rentals finest waverunners in action on a local Utah lake.

This popular television episode recently ran on Regional TV recently and this exciting video will really get you pumped up to call First Class Rentals today to rent your jet ski or wave runner!  Enjoy the show and we hope you’ll be scooting across a lake near you today on one of our machines or other water craft.

We have to say right up front that we only rent the most powerful and awesome waverunners in all of Utah. We truly only want the best for you and your family every time you have a rental from us. Your life will be changed forever.

We currently own and rent both the powerful Super Charged 1800 Yamaha or Turbo 1500. Both machines are designed and built for speed and excitement.

Make a decision on which one you’ll be flying across the water.  Just know that either waverunner just totally rocks to the max. Remember the season is here now so you better start making your reservations with us today.  Bookings are starting to fill up now for the summer.  It’s getting really exciting this year and is looking up to be another great season.

Our reservation dates for the summer are also filling up for our Wake Boats and RV so get out your calendar and get your group together and decide on a date as soon as you can.  We’re also adding a beautiful and powerful Malibu Wake Runner boat this year as well as making SUP’s (Stand Up Paddleboard’s) available to rent this season to augment your wave runner, ski boat or RV First Class Rental.  Ask Jordan or Pa Auna for all the details as you sign up to lock down your date.

Renting your wave runner can save you some cash and truly provide you with some of the best times of your life.  Just think about how you’ll feel when you’re charging full speed ahead on a terrific body of water.

When it comes to renting watercraft we have to remember that some folks call our rentals a waverunner, others call them jet skis and still others call them a Seadoo. Whatever your preference is it won’t matter to us because we know what you’re talking about.

You can’t imagine the excitement of enjoying of one of the greatest rides ever until you’re right on top of one of our Super Charged 1800 Yamaha waverunner or a Turbo 1500 with you at the controls!


Our watercrafts help fulfill your inner dreams of speeding across a lake or ocean clearly in your mind, you can make it all come true today.  Just call or send us an email when you’re interested and ready to get out on the nearest lake.

You Won’t Have To Worry About Making A Heavy Investment To Be Wave Running Today

You have to stop and think of all the reasons you haven’t enjoyed wave running with your family or friends before. Sometimes it might just be because you begin pondering buying a water craft then quickly stop that process when you think about all the problems associated with boat ownership.

You just save a little on your vacation budget when you know the dates you can get off work and drive to the nearest lake of your choice just let us know.  We’ll be here to help you.

Last year we helped out some many families and brought weeks of happiness to so many friends and families.  It was all done so easily and the memories you’ll build while wave running will never be forgotten.

No Matter What Your Age Is You Can Still Sit On a Wave Runner Going Full Blast

It is one of the great ways at any age to have an excuse to get out on the water and feel the wind on your face as you tour a new lake or revisit an old one where you just have to get back to.  Wave runners are an amazing way to go and do things you may never have dreamed of before.

We currently have machines that are so fast when you open up the throttle and let her go! You truly have to hold on for dear life. It will put a shock on your system you won’t ever forget.

When you rent two machines together you’ll find yourself having twice the fun racing with each other or just cruising out there anywhere.  Either way you go it’s tremendous.

Just remember when you’re renting from us you don’t have to worry about all the responsibilities of ownership.  You concentrate on pulling up and attaching your waverunner and heading off to any place you so desire.

You also need to know that when you can rent our waverunner you don’t have to worry about ownership, theft, damage, storage or buying an expensive trailer to haul your watercraft around.  You don’t even have to worry about storing your wave runner through the winter.

Let First Class Rentals Take Care Of You And All Of Your Watercraft Needs

We do all of that for you knowing that you have a family, employement and home to take care of and worry about.  Together we can get you out on the water more often than ever before in your life.

It seems like so many people find renting a waverunner from us so enjoyable that the come back year after year.  Sometimes their groups get larger as time moves on because of all the fun that’s reported back about each exciting trips.

There have been some most awesome of all photos taken on these trips that are unbelievable in so many respects.  Award winners to say the least, yet each one of them shows the ultimate joy and happiness of doing something you really love to do in life.

You just can’t go wrong with this type of lifestyle waiting for you right now.  If you ever have any questions concerning anything, please call us at 1-801-604-8440 and we would be happy to talk to you most anytime of the day or night.

Whether You Love A Yamaha Or Honda Waverunner We Have Them Both Today

Remember we have some of the most powerful wave runners on the market right now.  The two we are presently featuring are the Super Charged 1800 Yamaha jet ski along with our Turbo 1500  waverunner.

Either water craft will give you the thrill of a lifetime.  If you need help in deciding which one you want to rent, we’ll help you decide.  Don’t be shy.

Truly, renting your recreational water vehicle or jet ski is one great way to go.  Get and explore the rich and tremendous recreational areas anywhere in the Western United States and surrounding areas.

You can contact 1st Class Rentals today for pricing and rental availability at 801-604-8440.  Just ask for Jordan and he take your reservation for either of our Honda or Yamaha waverunners.  We area currently in the market to purchase additional ski doos or waverunner and will let you know when they’re in!

Remember that 1st Class Rentals now have rental dates that are really filling up pretty fast call now @ 801-604-8440 as soon as possible.  We know 1st Class Rentals will be able to meet all your needs and help you easily plan your next great outdoor adventure the most powerful waver runner on the market!